Holidays are meant to be a time of wonderful relaxation and fun but can often be marred by minor complaints. Sunburn, upset tummies, and insect bites can make your holiday a misery. Bringing a small first aid kit of natural solutions with you and taking a few simple precautions will ensure you get the best out of your holiday.


Travel Sickness


If you suffer with travel sickness prepare the day before by eating light, low-fat foods. Try not to eat or drink while travelling (sip ginger or peppermint teas or still water).


  • Reading can make things worse. Look forwards, not out of a side window and look out at the horizon.

  • Fresh air is very helpful. o Sea Bands worn on your wrist activate an acu-point which calms nausea (available from chemists).

  • Ginger capsules reduce nausea. Take a couple before you travel. o Homeopathic travel sickness formulas are very effective.

  • A drop of peppermint oil on the tongue is also helpful.
Jet Lag


  • No Jet Lag is a homeopathic remedy which is great for minimising the effects of jet lag (available online).

  • Taking melatonin will supplement the body’s natural melatonin while it is re - establishing its diurnal rhythm. (Buy online or call 00 800 8923 8923)

  • Vital Advantage Relaxation Formula, taken together with melatonin, ensures a good night’s sleep.


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