smile in bedA complete anti-ageing programme should be tailored to the individual (as we do for our clients at Robert Jacobs Health Natural) and can be extensive with many possible options. The recommendations that follow represent a minimum for anti-ageing generally appropriate for most people.


General support


Good quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement is essential in any health program including anti-ageing


Brain anti-ageing


A decline in mental ability can be averted by supporting brain function naturally. Use it or lose it! Keeping the brain active increases the neural pathways necessary for a vibrant mind. Ginko Biloba (120mg per day). Seek advice if you are taking blood thinning medication. Jarrow’s Neuro Optimiser (4 capsules per day)


Anti-ageing for a healthy heart


If there is heart disease in the family, the minimum for maintaining a healthy heart is: Omega 3 fish oils (1000mg per day) and Homocysteine Support (2 capsules per day)


Anti-ageing for skin, hair and nails


Hair, skin and nails all change colour, texture and quality. Support with Jarrow’s Bio-sil (5mg per day)


Anti-ageing for eyes


To support vision take Lutein (20mg per day) For prevention of cataracts: Carnosine eye drops (3 drops 3 times a day)


Anti-ageing for hearing


In addition to helping the brain, Ginko biloba (120mg per day) supports hearing. Seek advice if you are taking blood thinning medication.




Chronic stress imbalances the stress hormones hastening ageing and promoting diseases of ageing like heart disease and diabetes. Restore balance with relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation and breathing. Ashwagandha (450- 1350mg per day) and Whole Liquorice Root (300mg per day for 30 days)


Anti-ageing especially for men


Lycopene found in tomatoes (20-40mg per day) and zinc (a good source is pumpkin seeds) (20- 40mg per day) helps maintain prostate health. Sexual vitality Life Extension’s MiraForte (3 capsules per day)


Anti-ageing especially for women


Phyto estrogens like Red Clover (500mg per day) help maintain the hormone balance important for anti-ageing.


Support for the body’s processes involved with ageing


There are several processes in the body that are directly involved in longevity and how healthy we are as we grow older. The most powerful of the anti-ageing nutrients is Trans Resveratrol ( 500-1000 mg per day).




The toxins in our world directly promote ageing. Support your body’s detoxification pathways with N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) (600-1200mg per day)




A process called oxidation produces free radicals which damages cells causing ageing. Vital Nutrient Detox Formula (1-3 capsules per day) supports the body’s ability to neutralise free radicals




Glycation causes a cross-linking of protein and glucose molecules called AGEs which cause the body tissues to become increasingly stiff and tough. Jarrow’s L-Carnosine (3 capsules per day) protects the proteins from this process.


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