water dropStress even affects us physically right down to the cellular level. The health of the cells is the foundation of the health of the tissues, organs and systems of the body. One of the main roles of the cells is to support the DNA which directs the production and function of the cells, tissues and organ systems.

The nutrients cells require need to be constantly replenished as they are continuously being used by the cells and are easily depleted by the demands of dealing with environmental toxicity, sugar, stress and strong emotions.

To be healthy and function well, cells have a number of key nutritional requirements. They need adequate:

Fluids (cells are mostly water)
Vitamins (good quality and easily absorbed)
Minerals (main co-factors for enzyme reactions)
Essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9)
Amino acids (proteins)
Antioxidants (to protect the DNA from damage)

These key nutrients are the minimum requirements for health. Sadly, with modern food production practices, food is becoming a poorer and poorer source of the nutrients we need.

I advocate that almost everyone needs to supplement these fundamental nutrients simply to maintain good health, let alone work with an illness. No matter what you do, unless you properly nourish your cells, you cannot improve your wellbeing or remain in good health.
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