roseThe body naturally attempts to correct underlying imbalances or dysfunction and which it signals to us through symptoms, illness and disease. By promoting the maximum functioning of all the body's systems we aim to effectively guide you toward restoring inner balance and establishing optimal health. Functional Medicine is concerned with the whole person. Your overall health (or ill-health) is looked at in the context of your genes, lifestyle, dietary pattern, stress levels, attitudes and beliefs, habits, relationships and environment. This approach is like that of a medical detective unraveling the causes, thereby revealing the solutions to health problems.

Functional Tests

Robert Jacobs Health Natural focuses on the physiological uniqueness of each patient. Treatment is custom-tailored specifically to meet each patient's unique needs. We offer a range of functional tests which analyse subtle differences in an individual's molecular biochemistry, hormonal secretion patterns, cellular environment, immune responses, etc, allowing for focussed, precise, and individualised therapy.