See your blood live on TV!


your blood under a microscopeDarkfield Microscopy is a unique optical technique for looking at blood in its living state. We use a tiny drop of blood from a fingertip and magnify it up to nearly 2,000 times. Both patient and practitioner can see it displayed on video. You see your red blood cells, white cells, plasma and also microbes, or parasites, undigested food, fungi, and crystals floating in the plasma.

It helps to detect incomplete digestive process, poor absorption and assimilation of food. If left untreated, these factors interfere with optimal health and can result in chronic diseases such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, headaches and impaired organ functions.

This technique is not a diagnostic tool, but rather, a powerful insight into your blood's metabolic processes and its nutritional status. This is important for determining more accurately what types of nutritional supplements should be recommended.