Robert Jacobs Health Natural employs cutting-edge technologies and recent research information. For instance, we offer:

The NutrEval ™ Profile is the most complete nutritional and metabolic testing program available and can help determine functional nutritional inadequacies. The NutrEval ™ Profile measures more than 100 components, integrating them into a complete picture of your individual biochemistry.

Predictive Genomic tests - a method of analysing our own unique genetic make-up and using that information to alter our diet, lifestyle, supplementation and medication to create the most individually specific health care programme that we can have. Predictive Genomics is the latest advance in preventative health care and also offers unique insights to a person's current health problems and consequently fresh approaches to solutions

Darkfield Microscopy

Robert H. Jacobs uses a Darkfield Microscope, which is a unique optical technique for looking at blood in the living state. This technique provides a powerful insight into your blood's metabolic processes and its nutritional status, which is extremely important for determining more precisely what types of nutritional supplements should be recommended.