What will happen?

water dropYou will be asked several questions for your case history which will cover your health, diet and current medications and so on. If you have any relevant reports, x-rays, scans, blood tests etc. bring them with you when you visit. A drop of your blood will be examined under the darkfield microscope. During this simple procedure, you can see your live blood on a video monitor, which allows you to have a greater understanding about the state of your own health. Robert H. Jacobs also uses other useful diagnostic techniques, such as, 12-pulse diagnosis and may suggest further functional tests - blood, urine or hair to gain a clearer picture of your current health status. When he has assessed your health and has a complete picture, he works out your individual nutritional supplement program and dietary recommendations to aid your return to optimal health and balance.


How long will it take?

Each consultation with Robert H. Jacobs lasts about 45 minutes.

Where will it be held?


Health Natural Ltd.
3 Spanish Place,
W1U 3HX,
United Kingdom
(Just off Manchester Square. Nearest tube station is Bond Street)
What will it cost?


Your consultation with Robert H. Jacobs will cost £175 including VAT.

Robert H. Jacobs Health Assessment Questionnaire

Before your visit we will ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire. This questionnaire can be downloaded by clicking here.


Nutritional supplements


For your convenience, we maintain a stock of the nutritional supplements you may require in the office and we also have a mail order service. We make sure the supplements we supply are of the highest quality and bio-availability, and are competitively priced.


Cancellation Policy


Please note that a 24 hour notice is required for cancellation of appointments to avoid a cancellation charge. This will enable another patient to make use of this appointment time.