Welcome to Robert Jacobs Health Natural

The body is an amazing self-healing organism!
With the right environment and opportunity the body will recover and repair – good health will result and ill-health will be prevented.

heartUsing a Functional Medicine approach, we do not seek to alter, block or interfere with the body’s normal metabolic processes but, rather, assist and enhance the body's natural mechanisms of healing.

By promoting the maximum functioning of all the body's systems we aim to effectively guide you toward restoring inner balance and establishing optimal health. We believe this strategy provides a much more effective way of achieving long-term results than that offered by a method of temporary damage control.

red flowerYour overall health (or ill-health) is looked at in the context of your genes, lifestyle, dietary pattern, stress levels, attitudes and beliefs, habits, relationships and environment. Our approach is like that of a medical detective unravelling the causes, thereby revealing the solutions to health problems.

Robert employs cutting-edge technologies to detect the root of a problem, including the most complete and up-to-date metabolic lab test available, the NutrEval™ Profile from Genova Diagnostics.